Welcome to my blog!  I will post sneak peeks to sessions here. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for trusting me with your memories. 

resilient and brilliant college grad coming soon

November 19, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Pretty excited to photograph this resilient young lady. Her High School Graduation was the PANDEMIC year, so photos didn't happen.:( And how she navigated the next 4 years, simply impressive. "Using context clues, please determine her major." Bonus if you can figure out from where she will be graduating in a few weeks! Thank you, Miss A fo...
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ND Parents. We get each other.

November 12, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Recently this grandma reached out to see about photographing daughter and family. It has been a full fall, but I was so happy to say yes! When you have a ND kid, you get it and despite chilly Kansas temps, we made it happen. The request: capture some family images with beautiful KS skies... LOVE! I was happy to grab a few individuals...sisters....
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while dad is away, mom and kids visit with me :)

November 11, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
I just love watching these 2 grow up. Especially Mr. Miracle boy who JUST had heart surgery and should have been taking it easy, but was nothing but. Smile. What do you expect with a 3rd grader? Dad is away this year, so Mom and kids met with me on a chilly morning. Nevertheless, they shine warmth. Thank you, D Family for trusting me with you...
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Beautiful dancer on a beautiful afternoon

November 05, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Who doesn't love a beautiful Fall afternoon after so much rain and cold? So glad this young lady's calendar was full until now. I mean. Such a great day and she is just lovely. She is a dancer...this one is for dad: Go Stags! Didn't even matter what she was doing or where we stopped, every image in the gallery was jaw-dropping beautiful! T...
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Love birds and all their adorable kids

November 03, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
I met with this cute family today. After rescheduling because Kansas weather. So cute, reminiscing about their wedding photos..meeting eye to eye... With a fit of giggles from the kids. Because not really eye to eye at all... And let's just talk about the kids...so cute! straight out of the camera...just the girls... Are you kidding me? An...
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meeting her vision

October 28, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Each senior is unique, and so is our time together. I strive to pray and research and then we continue to dialogue about the best way to capture his/her vision. This senior was so much that. What is important to her? 2 puppies-at-heart BIG dogs--who, by the way, don't understand sit and smile for the camera. But they did a good job smiling, I think...
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special memories at a special park for this SJA senior

October 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
What a beautiful autumn day for this gorgeous senior. Such an exciting time as the college acceptance letters keep coming in... I loved exploring a new park with her and mom and sister. Even thought we might be doing some kayaking but thought maybe not this time.:) Love when mom jumps in a shot with senior. And what a gift to hang out with si...
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another day, another senior--where have the years gone??

October 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
The weather was gorgeous this afternoon--the perfect weather to head out to photograph another senior! And would you just look at her! Stunning! On her way to being accepted at all the colleges to which she has applied. State qualifier for Science Olympiad...TWICE!...it's no surprise this young lady wants to study Biology in college! So prou...
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SMS Senior radiates joy

October 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
GAH! Google fiber was out in my area and I couldn't post these sneak peeks til just now! How we rely on technology... Love this young lady. if I had time, I would go digging for photos from when she was just a kinder...even back then, her smile lit up the room! Sure felt like it was yesterday...just a blink of time... Even a simple crisscross...
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this beautiful senior---what deosn't she do?

October 18, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
The weather has been so KANSAS lately--cold and rainy and then out of nowhere, beautiful sunshine. That is what it did today! And we thought we might have to postpone our time together...So glad we didn't! This senior! Not only is she gorgeous, but super talented, smart, and a musician too! How lucky am I that she chose ME as her senior photogra...
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large family in sections

October 18, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Love these little sweeties who weren't quite sure what they thought of me... They are the youngest three of a family of 11. It is no small feat getting everyone out the door AND looking good. We large family moms get it. So. In the interest of all the things, we decided to meet these 3 first, and then catch up with all the big kids later......
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Baby Boy Coming soon

October 12, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Sweet baby will be making his debut soon, so we snuck in a sunrise session. Love these two and can't wait to meet their little one! Thank you for trusting me with your memories!
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Senior Session in the country

September 10, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this session with this gorgeous senior on her John Deere! She even snapped a shot of me riding in the bucket--I think its called a bucket? We stopped off at church because her faith is so important to her. Miss Syd! I love how you aren't even trying to smile, but His joy shines through you! Thank you for trusting...
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Another Portugal Senior Session!

August 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
I just can't believe I never posted these beautiful images of this young lady. Also a WYD Pilgrim, who quite literally threw together some outfits and jumped into the Fiat rental, and we headed to the beach! Isn't she just so cute! Not before I LOST the rental car??? (It was impounded.) (Because I missed the "parking only for taxi's" (in Portugu...
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When your kid asks for senior photos in Portugal you say YES!

August 25, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
We just returned from a pilgrimage to Portugal, Fatima, and World Youth Day. And when this one asked to do some of her senior photos while overseas, well, you just say yes and make it happen. We thought they decorated the streets for our arrival. Turns out, they had running with the bulls from Midnight - 3am right outside our window where we sle...
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