My love of photography began (way) back in high school when I was a yearbooker.  While producing our yearbook, our staff learned from our amazing advisor the importance of documenting a moment in time with beautiful, REAL, images.  The seed was planted.  From there, I served on my undergrad yearbook staff as well.
Later, as I served my church as a youth minister, I especially loved documenting the activities and adventures we went on as I journeyed with the teens as they (and I) grew closer to Christ.  My ministry shifted after I became a mom.  Capturing my kids milestones became my new focus.  I continued to take photography classes in my free time, and took the plunge to be an 'official' photographer because SO many friends kept saying, "you should really do this professionally." 
It is with great joy that I continue on this journey, with you.  I prayerfully and humbly strive to capture real images of your family that reflect your love and relationship in this moment of time.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories!