It's the most wonderful time of the year M Family sneak peak

December 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So.  You probably know I don't typically do sessions during Advent.  I strive to slow down during these weeks before the birth of our Lord to enter into Christmas with joy and peace.  Spend time praying in a deeper way and making sure to keep up with traditions that the kids recall almost better than I do.  Try to catch up with life and avoid the hustle and bustle.  Here is where I'm going to throw in a big BUT. :)  I started talking with this family weeks ago about getting together, and then life happened for both of us.  And then mom got the crud going around, and our date kept getting pushed back.  Because, life happens, right?  No big deal.  While Mom was sick in bed, Dad got his daughters dressed, in fancy dresses and shoes. You guys.  He did THEIR HAIR--and it looked GOOD.  And we met this morning for a little supposed-to-be-a-family-session-now-a-sister-Christmas-session.  They were SO FUN!  Take a look at the littlest daughter.  So SERIOUS about her twirling.  

How about biggest sister?  All poise and responsibility, mixed with some laughs now and again.  She looks just like her mama. Gorg.

And middle sister loved all of it.  The dancing, the excitement.  I caught her, sneaking a peak of herself in an ornament.  Seriously.  This was totally spontaneous.  And totally perfect:

Don't think it was all easy peasy.  I mean, they are SISTERS after all. These girls love each other, including being silly with each other.  Outtake#oh, maybe 11?

And. While I haven't looked at all of images from today's session, I did love this one.

I am so glad we got to meet today, M family.  I am praying Mama gets better soon, and am looking forward to capturing the parents with the girls this spring.  Hugs!


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