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So...did I mention it has been a flurry of phone calls and texts to get all these cute 2nd grade kiddos FHC sessions lined up?  It's great!  I actually finally just took my First Communicant to get his suit fitted, even though we've had it a LONG TIME.  :)  I'm super excited to get all these kids scheduled.  With softball, soccer, dance, SCHOOL (smile)...all of them have so much going on.  But when it's time to step into church and/or talk about faith, there is a sensitivity about each child.  I love each one's excitement, and each child's solemnity.  I have watched this young lady grow up over the past few years.  I love her devotion. 

Just a little over 7 years ago, she wore this Baptismal Gown and was Baptized in this Baptismal font.  

If only the weather would cooperate.  She was so chilly, but still sweet and cute!

Thank you, sweet Miss E for braving the chilly morning and spending some time with me!  I am praying for You these next 2 weeks!




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