AF FHC Sneak Peek!

April 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had the gift of meeting this young lady's big sister 2 years ago when I took her FHC photos.  It has been so great watching these kids grow and mature.  Now Miss A.  So fun spending time with her!  I LOVE the shadows on her sweet face and her seriousness when I asked her to pray a few Hail Mary's with her Rosary.  

And then when Mom brushed back a couple of hairs from her face while she was praying, she inadvertently tickled her, and then there were some

Finally, we waited until the weather got a little nicer to head outdoors.  I mean, with winter/snow-spring/sun-winter/snow/ice-spring/rain, it took some time for flowersandtreesandplants to figure out what they should  be doing!  Mom reminded me with big sister, we captured a moment of joy when she appeared to be flying.  And after a few attempts, I think we nailed it with Miss. A...

Ahhhh. To be able to just spring up and gracefully jump like that again!  :)  God bless you, Miss A!  And. Thank you, F family for trusting me with your memories.  


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