to know this family is to know their love and joy

October 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I am so so blessed!  I got to hang out with this family today. Can you see their joy? 

What about now?

3 sons in 3 different states, all together for a while.  And I got to hang with them. Blessed. I've known them for 17 years I think?? Some of my favorite people.

And the sneak peek to the sneak peek from earlier?  Here he is again. All smiles with these snuggles from Aunt MJ.

Reminisced a bit with MJ as she was missing D and said he was the heart and laughs of the family.  That may be so, MJ.  But you too are the heart, and it shows.  

And there's no doubt that in all those hugs, Dennis is there too. Thank you G family to letting me hang out a bit this afternoon, and for sharing your mom with me too. Love and hugs. 





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