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October 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

So I've been shooting some XC meets lately for Saint James Academy.  And I could flood this post with a ton of those shots. Instead. THIS. This is why we have chosen THIS school. 

They encourage each other by writing scripture verses on their legs or prayer intentions on their arms so when they are working HARD and it doesn't feel like they can go on anymore, they can push themselves harder and offer their suffering for the intentions on their arms and pray the scripture on their legs. Beautiful. But as I was shooting today, I started weeping behind my mask. I mean, I wasn't sure any photos were in focus it was that bad. And as I type this blog post, I am weeping again. This young lady, #822, she CHEERS her teammates on. I don't know her. But I have seen her and heard her.  At all the meets. Here, in these few moments of extreme fatigue nearing the finish line, she is encourages her teammate, "GO!! YOU CAN DO THIS!  YOU SHOULD BEAT ME.  Keep going and BEAT ME!!"  

And her encouragement helped her teammate, #804. That was awesome, yes. But the tears came here. After running 3.2 miles, they were TIRED. And #804 collapsed just over the finish line. This encouraging teammate, #822, was probably wiped out too. But she PICKED UP HER TEAMMATE, you guys. Helped her off the finish line, walked with her, half carrying her, so she she could see the medic. I was watching and weeping and turned my camera. These shots are not awesomely composed or focused or whatever. It was only like 5 seconds. But I think they capture the true love and sacrifice.  



Isn't that what our Lord does for us? Cheers us on? Tells us we can do it when we think we can't? And whether we do or we fail, He walks with us, and carries us when we can't.  God bless you, Miss #822 and God bless your teammate, #804 as she recovers. Thank you SJA for your witness and formation of these young people. THIS is what it is all about. Academics? Yes. But. Educating our young people during such a tumultuous time. is. SO. MUCH. MORE. Thank you Jesus.



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