rolling with it this beautiful afternoon

November 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

So. I typically develop a plan when we meet for photos--after talking with the family on all the deets and possibilities--we form a vision.  And we did with this cute family. the end of the day, we know that amidst all the planning, we simply just have to roll with it because sometimes there are other plans...I mean, yes! Adorable other plans.  

And that is OK!! You should HEAR this young lady call my name, "Miss Kaffy!" Oh my heart. I will gladly hang with you any day just to hear "Miss Kaffy." :)

And I gotta tell you. These big sisters, they are A-mazing with patience and love and understanding and roll-with-it-ness. And littlest sister LOVES her big sisters.

Don't think I didn't steal away with the bigger 2...

Let's just pause a minute.  This is supposed to be a sneak peek.  Ah, well...I have to say...maybe not the perfectly staged set up, but who gets the award for cutest couple???

Thank you C Family for strolling-sometimes-running beneath the ginko trees to dodge the sun and catch up with C. My heart is full. And thank you for trusting me with your memories. What a great start to a beautiful weekend!



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