June 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I met this family today. Do you ever meet people and immediately think, "We should be friends. These people should be my people. "  That was how I felt today!  Meet their adorable son. Literally first shot in the session.  And this.

"He is in that 'awkward smile stage' so I may do some tricks behind you."  He IS???  [Or, maybe the better question is, what tricks was mom doing behind me???]  LOL

He may have been sweating in his suit, because, you know, Kansas. 70 last week to 90's today!! But look how sweet he is while he is praying. 

One more sneak peak.  I can't even.  He sure is full of personality!  So Fun!!!  Thank you C family for trusting me to capture these shots of your sweet O for his First Holy Communion. I'm praying for you.  See you Sunday! 


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