3 Parish visits in one weekend

April 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What a joy it is to pray with and for and witness these young people and their families.  Today I finished up my 3 parish-tour.  :)  It is always a reunion when I visit HC, my 'old stomping grounds' from my days in ministry there.  I also was able to visit with a long time friend/priest, albeit briefly, at my last stop.   And the families?  Humbled to be able to capture their memories of this special Sacramental time.  Just look at E as she prayed.  

And look at all these cuties!  Is this real life, or what?  Teacher and Priest, both trying to help the kids maintain composure after the ceremony.  You really needed to see the paparazzi.  I mean, EVERY parent and Grandparent and Auntie and Uncle all had their I phones and cameras, snapping photos of these sweet kiddos.  Me too.  :) Do know I DID get a shot of all them being angelic.  But here is the reality before that...

Let me take you back to this nugget.  E was SO excited when we briefly met before Mass.  This is after Mass, before she went BACK into retreat.


This is her Baptism photo, 7 years ago.  Love that you can still see that baby in those eyes.  Where does the time go?

And here is D again...in his suit AND the robe, symbolic of the white garment he wore on his Baptism day. 

And these 2 lovebirds, little D's Abuelos.  I. Mean.  Makes me miss my Grandparents.  A. Lot.  What a gift that they could be here to celebrate with their Grandson. 

The last church I visited today was to meet up with this young man, M.  Freshly cut locks.  Adorable dimples.  

I love the beauty of this church.   Who can name this parish?  :) 

So. Handsome!  Here he is with Daddy's Bible.  "Daddy READS this Bible? "  Mom reassured him.  See the bookmark?  Yes.  Yes he does sweet boy. 

Thank you to all the families for trusting me with your memories.  Love and hugs and prayers.


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