First Holy Communion, Part 2, sneak peak

May 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This kiddo. I was his CGS Catechist in Atrium several years ago. And to see him now??? I can't even. He walked up with mom (dad came later) so serious and jumped right in. He remembered me, even from behind my mask. :) To watch him pull his Daddy's Rosary from HIS First Holy Communion out of its carefully, so delicately. Oh my heart. I asked if he could pray a Hail Mary. He prayed 5. 

But. It wasn't all serious with this guy. He plays too many sports to count, and he showed me some of his skills.

But not before some of personality came shining through. :)

Thank you Mr. C for hanging out with me! And thank you G family for trusting me with you memories. 3 more weeks until you receive Jesus. I am praying for you!




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