First Holy Communion, Quarantine or Not!

May 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

So I stepped out of Quarantine, Phase-whatever to socially-distance-capture some sweet kiddos in preparation for their First Holy Communion. I'm not going to lie. Mass is going to look different. The whole ceremony is going to be different, with masks and all. But. It's still Jesus. And for that we are thankful. 

Yes, it is still Jesus. And for that we have HOPE!

And we may not be able to hug our friends, but we can still show our love and joy...6 feet apart...


And this sweet girl. So brave. Her first day back actually IN CHURCH, and she chose to receive her First Holy Communion TODAY! Surrounded by her family, split into 2 pews, she did it. It brought me to tears, praying in the next section over, as she was overcome with emotion. God Bless you Sweet A!  


God bless ALL First Holy Communion Class 2026, whenever it is you are able to receive your First Eucharist. Our family is praying for you!




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