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It's FINALLY GRADUATION DAY!! I met with this tough FB/Rugby grad this morning for a sunrise session.  The seniors this covid2020 year. :(  They got a whole lot of NOthing as far as end-of-the-year traditions go. 

BUT...I did LOVE this tradition. All the guys on his team signed his rugby ball!! I think it's called a footie?  


And...while this guy is tough sporty guy...he has the bigtime SMARTS!!  :) See the colorful cords. He is all about traditions. And there are some long standing traditions at STA. I teared up as he told me about THE ROCK. 

Even twin sister didn't know the tradition so much. But. Oh. My. Heart.

And I would be remiss if I didn't include twin sister in a few shots.

Looks like those hedges have some covid over-growth too. Not unlike my own boys. lol! You're welcome, STA. I pulled a couple of overgrown weeds that were blocking the letters. :) 

and I loved how this tough sports smarty guy got all smooshy with mom.

So many great shots. I'm glad I was able to capture this time. Moms. When your tough guy senior say he "doesn't want senior pics." Don't believe him. This time. Especially this COVID is but a moment in time. He will be thankful. Promise. :)  Thank you senior W. I'll be praying for you at your school next year. Thank you D family for trusting me with your memories!




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