Ordination weekend

August 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I travelled across the prairie this weekend to pray for 2 friars as they were ordained priests!  The weekend started with Adoration. 

The pure humility and joy on their faces!



A little history lesson...They are Capuchin friars; They follow St. Francis' path to holiness.  The cord on their habit, 3 knots for their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. And sandals. Like Jesus. And when they lay prostrate and everyone is praying for them...so powerful.

Archbishop Stephen Reichert, OFMCap. is the Archbishop of Papua New Guinea. Came out of Sabbatical to ordain these priests. Because of Covid travel restrictions, their Archbishop couldn't travel to be here.

On to some festivities.  But first, a selfie! 

And I wrapped up the weekend with attending Fr. Brandon's first Mass. Fr. Donald preached the homily. Awesome and inspiring!!

​Fr. Brandon's Chalice first belonged to Bishop Donnelly. So beautiful. 

Stolen moments...When the priest is ordained, he is anointed with Oil of Chrism.  It is wiped clean with a very special, hand-embroidered cloth called the manutergium. This cloth is saved and given to the mother of the priest who will keep and cherish it. 

Fr. Brandon and I worked high ropes at the new Camp Tekakwitha a million and 2 years ago. To see him be ordained was such an honor. And his mom and I worked together at the very first Camp Tekakwitha...about a dozen years before then. The church is alive in Northeast Kansas all the way to western Kansas...I am so thankful for the prayers and humble honor to witness and capture such a holy event. Amidst so much uncertainty in our world, we can be certain that Jesus is alive and moving in the hearts of His people. Thank God. 




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