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I have been praying about this new adventure--this high school adventure--as I watch the babies of yesterday spread their wings. As I pray, I feel called to strive to capture this time between 8th grade and High School...such a beautiful, hope-filled, exciting time! So I introduce the fresh sesh! Not like a Senior Session where we are doing outfit changes, different locations, getting ready for college and beyond...the fresh sesh is full of joyful hope and expectation of the journey here and now.

Ready to embark, yes. But still just a (big) kid for today.

I remember my freshman year...the butterflies of walking the halls...the anticipation of new friendships, learning traditions, making mistakes and working through them (even though I knew it all. Smile.)  And while the class of 2024 is doing things all different (this young lady has been zoom-dance-team-preparing all summer) is still the same next 4 years before the rest of their lives.

Not the same High School I attended, but I can still remember our fight song..."Rolling Meadow Mustangs, we will fight for victory..." Ultimately, while its all new and is still very much the same. 

Thank you Miss A for catching up with me and letting me walk down memory lane...Your joy-filled exuberance lights up this world.  Keep being you!!


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